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The Hospitality sector has seen a tremendous growth in the recent years. The same has been a major factor in the development of a country as a preferable tourist destination. For the enhancement of the tourism value of a country, the hospitality sector plays an immensely important role and our property joint venture focuses on the same. Our team of dedicated and dexterous professionals research upon each and every aspect of the hospitality sector and design solutions regarding its improvement in every possible way. We provide the best lands for the setting up of such institutions that not only add to the appeal of the resorts and hotels but also increase the amount of return on such investments. The sites and buildings for schools are easily accessible. The industrial plots too are chosen with a view to maximize the profits of the businessmen. All this has been possible because of our vast database of properties to be bought and sold. We are adept in locating profitable businesses for joint ventures like resorts, hospitals, hotels, schools, industrial units in almost every nook and corner of the country. We are specially known in this regard in the northern part of the country. Besides our established network with similar property dealers based in Chandigarh has worked marvels upon our performance.

Property Project Management

Our Property Project Management is renowned all across the country for its efficient handling of numerous hospital projects. The health sector has recently emerged as a favourable spot for investment in India and this is the reason for our landing upon this sector with our projects. Before commencing the work on any of the hospital projects, we identify the most suitable places where the hospitals could be set up. In that too we provide a wide variety of choices to our clients so as to suit their needs perfectly. The underlining feature of each of our projects is the Detailed Project Report (DPR) which includes dependable projections about return on investment. We also furnish detailed information regarding land specifications, legal status of the ownership, title and transferability about the available Greenfield or Brownfield projects. Besides, we harness the experience of our extremely skilled architects and planners for the peerless planning, designing and construction of the hospital. Moreover, we provide guidance and assistance in a highly comprehensive manner for the successful operation of the hospital projects which include equipment planning, human resources, etc. It comes to us as a matter of pride that we have successfully executed a major portion of the hospital projects in the nation.